Chakra 4

This painting belongs to a series of 7 paintings of the chakra’s. This one represents the 4th chakra, also known as the heart chakra. The gift of this chakra is unconditional love for ourselves and others. The heart is compassionate and does not make a difference between black or white, ‘good’ or ‘wrong’. It enables us to accept our emotional challenges and surrender to a divine plan. The heart is the center of our child like innocence, our deep longings and our gratefulness. It is in our 4th chakra that we begin to recognize that the most powerful energy on earth is Love.


  • 80 x 40 cm
  • acryl on canvas
  • only available as a combination of all 7 chakra’s, €11.111 total

©[2023] Rinske de Jong

High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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