This painting represents the Crone. It shows the energy of a very wise woman inside us, no longer holding back her full power. She brings us the gift of release, rebirthing all that is no longer serving us. The crone will strip us of our illusions, with her radical thruth, because she has nothing to lose. She knows what it is to be in pain, and is not longer afraid of the ugly and the dark. Her pure love is pulling us through all our traumas and deep fears towards our own radiance. She mirrors who we really are and shows us how to surrender to the flow of life. The crone is no longer constrained by what society or others think, she is wild and free.

Physically the crone energy is connected to the cervix and the amygdala. and with the period of moontime (menstruation) and menopause).


  • 60 x 120 cm
  • acryl and natural materials on canvas
  • €850,-

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