This painting contains the energy of the dragoness. She is tender and powerful at the same time. Soft and fierce, grounded and galactic, feminine and masculine. The dragoness holds an incredible love field and is a true guide of the highest good. She sees you, who you are, your potential. Looking into her eyes, is like seeing yourself as she mirrors all of you. She gently, yet firmly, invites you to face your fears and live your soul’s mission.
There is a mother of pearl in the painting as a symbol of purity. This crystal also stimulates transformation.


  • 100 x 120 cm
  • acryl on canvas
  • €8008
  • limited edition prints 80 x 67 cm for €440, 60 x 50 cm for €390

©[2023] Rinske de Jong

High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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