During the heART creations workshop your inner artist is invited to play. In doing so, you will automatically explore the dynamics and possible union of your inner woman, inner man and inner child. As a group you will explore intuitive creating as a tool to open and express your heart and connect on deeper levels, to get clarity and to embody higher frequencies.
Everyone is welcome to join, even if you feel your creativity is not flowing yet, or you tell yourself you are not creative. This fear or resistance are perfect ingredients during a date with your canvas, a piece of wood or a blanc piece of paper. Intuitive creating allows you to give a voice to those internal feelings, limiting beliefs, but also to your deepest desires, and highest wisdom, that you cannot put in words yet.
You will be guided to connect deeply with your inner world and express this by mainly visual arts, but also by dancing and sounding. By showing ourselves in this open and aunthentic way, we invite nourishing heart connections within the group.

©[2023] Rinske de Jong

High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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