Power of a woman

This painting shows the power of women. She is the queen of emotions, and has the courage to experience it all. She knows that by expressing sadness, rage, grief, fear etc, she is transforming it and thereby taking care of her inner fertile ground for magic and growth. This feminine wisdom enables her to open up and show both her vulnerable parts as her extreme capability to enjoy and flourish. The painting reminds you to trust your emotional world and embrace it. Because by gently inviting it, the beauty and magic of life can be felt on a deeper level and cosmic tears of gratefulness will appear. 

This painting contains red coral, with a relaxing effect, because all these emotions can be overwhelming. Besides, coral stimulates the intuition, imagination and visualisation.


  • 60 x 80 cm
  • acryl and crystals on canvas
  • for more information or interest, send a message

    ©[2023] Rinske de Jong

    High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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