Queen (or mother)

This painting represents the energy of the queen or mother inside us. She is sensual, caring, peaceful and fertile. With her strong attractive power and grace, she consciously choose to create whatever is close to her heart. She lives from her feminine center and is able to devote herself and her unconditional love to whatever she births. The queen or mother opens to receive, says no to anything not longer serving her highest purpose and steps forward with her gifts into the world. Within her divine motherhood she is able to protect her children like a lioness and she knows when to let them go and support them with her love and trust while they are walking their own unique path.

Physically the queen energy is connected to the g-spot and the thyroid gland, and to the period of ovulation and conception.


  • 120 x 60 cm
  • acryl and natural materials on canvas
  • €900,-

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