Soul drum

A beautiful woman asked me to paint a drum with her soul energy. It was a wonderful journey to connect deeply with her (and my) female essence. The drum ‘participated’ in several women gatherings and all these women helped me in their own way to translate the energy of the soul into a piece of art. It feels like a piece of sisterhood and the woman of the drum let me feel the deep connection with the Earth and at the same time a bright light connection with the Universe, which I could paint in an intuitive way.

Golden freedom

“Can you give my walking aid an update?” Patiently she waited until my doubts disappeared and I started to let colors and forms come naturally as I realised I was actually painting the freedom of this young woman. Being 33, she did not dream of using a walking aid, but she did dream of experiencing freedom. With all my love I made her necessary tool into a piece of art, so she could proudly go outside and enjoy all the beautiful colors of nature.

Healing altar

This woman asked me to make a healing altar. She did not add any guidelines, all she provided was trust. I found a beautiful piece of wood and intuitively I was painting a kind of opening, a yoni, a portal of healing.

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