The Temple of Union evening is a playful ceremonial gathering to celebrate love, let life energy flow and discover sacred sexuality. It is an evening of breathing, touch and being touched, exchanging energy and being totally true to your boundaries and exploring your desires. We will host and guard a sacred temple space and provide guidance for you to dive deeper into the realm of love. After a ‘warm up’ and short check in, we invite you in an open temple space to explore the subtle and delicate play of intimacy and sexual energy in connection with yourself and when you feel so with other(s).

Together we open a safe field in which we can remember the innocence, healing qualities, joy and sacredness of sexual energy. We create a coming together that will support each and everyone of us on our own individual path. That means that you can have the experience that fulfills your wishes and respects your boundaries.

In the temple space nudity is possible and not necessary. We invite you to stay absolutely true to your own yes and no. Once again, we create a place where it feels safe and free to follow your longings and body-led impulses within the set boundaries. Penetration and exchange of liquids are not part of this evening. Some tantric experience is required.

©[2023] Rinske de Jong

High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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