For who and why?

Temple of Union sessions are for women or couples who long to experience a deeper connection with their body, the earth, their partner, brothers, sisters, and other (light) beings and spirit guides. Besides, the sessions allow you to restore your relationship with your sexual energy and remember the purity and innocense of it.
In a session we work with the healing power of touch, sound and sexual energy to open your whole body for more life energy, joy and unconditional love. This sacred temple work offers you the possibility to explore your multidimensionality and to experience feelings of inner union between masculine and feminine energy, your inner man and woman. The more you embody this union within, the more you will attract and experience it in the external world.


During a session we start with some grounding and relaxing practices. We create a safe temple space, discuss boundaries and intention and continue with a temple connection ritual. The first session will always be dressed, as to remember also the gentle and subtle ways of intimacy. If you feel comfortable in a later session receiving skin to skin contact, I invite you to undress. Wearing clothes is also possible, if that allows you to relax more.
By using sound, touch and energetic work, I softly guide you in opening up to love and to cosmic and earthly fire (Shakti energy). On its way through your body these flows of sexual energy may pass blockages of old limited beliefs, shame, feelings of abandonment, separation, guilt etc. By expressing these feelings, you can liberate yourself and open up to higher frequencies of light and love.
As a closure of the session I give you some time to come back to your own energy and integrate.

Where, when, price?

Most of the Temple of Union sessions take place in a beautiful space in Budel. If for logistical reasons that is not possible, we can find another location in the Netherlands. The price for a 2,5 – 3 hours session is 300€.

What it’s not?

If you’re looking for sexual intercourse or a quick lingam/yoni massage than this session isn’t for you. It is neither a physical exchange, which means the attention is focused on you, you are the one receiving the session and won’t give back by touching my body.

It is hard to describe a session with Rinske in words. She embodies a deeper power and wisdom. With her presence she creates an oasis of safety. Her open-hearted personality and loving touch invited me to surrender to the source of unconditional love within.


The session with Rinske was open and without any pressure. It felt good to experience masculine and feminine energy with her in a safe space. I encountered different judgements about myself and could face it. It was beautiful that longings and needs were welcome, no matter what society or my inner criticus thought about it. That resulted in a feeling of more space and freedom to live my life and be who I am.


We loved the relaxed, warm and beautiful energy when entering the temple. It gave us a very safe feeling, which is so essential when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. Your explanation after our introduction, was opening up the space to be completely ourselves. We could focus fully on our own processes. Without going into details, we have experienced the 4 hours session as very intensive, emotional, liberating and healing. Our life has been changed positively, with more freedom and light.

Marko & Sandra

The healing touch of Rinske brought me to forgotten memories, of my sensual – almost forbidden – femininity. By experiencing past lifes where indeed this sensuality was forbidden, I could liberate myself. I am very grateful that Rinske helped me to find back this magic, so I can embody more of the free woman I am.


Rinske has a very subtle way of working. She has a huge love field for the body and her touch is very activating for all subtle and energetic bodies. If you want to feel like a Goddess, Rinske is the right person to meet.


Rinske has a very natural and pure gift of sensing and picking up on the ‘invisible’ layers of being. She translate energy into art, movement, touch, tantric healing, sounds, words. Her way of connecting and communicating is authentic, loving and intuitive. Even when parts of a personal growth process are confronting or scary, she takes time to find the right words or actions to guide you through it. Rinske has developed a beautiful, gentle yet challenging way of initiating and guiding individuals in the discovery of their life force energy and sexual authenticity.


Before 48 hours of appointment, cancelation is free of charge. After that, the price for a full session is non refundable.
I am a member of the Disputes and Complaints Committee of Stichting Zorggeschil via ZZP Nederland.

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High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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