Womb mysteries

Womb wisdom is a deep inner knowing that goes beyond the rational and visible world. The womb, both physical and energetical, holds sacred knowledge and divine memories. She is the portal to your true self. In order to open up to her mysteries, you have to recognise the patterns, fears and old beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your full power and show your true colors. This painting reminds you that even if you feel disconnected from your (energetic) womb wisdom, from who you are, you are being guided and protected. You are already one and it is safe to show up.

This painting contains granite which stimulates determination, confidence, will power and vitality. It promotes hope, courage, optimism and life force. Mother of pearl helps to dissolve old paterns and stimulates inner growth. It mirrors our unique possibilities and color.


  • 80 x 60 cm
  • acryl and crystals on canvas
  • for more information or interest, send a message

    ©[2023] Rinske de Jong

    High quality pictures made by Piotr Duabi

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